$400 Investment Ideas to Profit From

First of all, if all you have is $400. you can toss out the idea of sticking it in the bank for a measly 5% return. And even if you were to get 20% or 30% for that matter, you are only looking at $120 a year max. That is not something you are going to be able to live off. However, there are alternatives. If you have $400 and are looking for a way to investment ideas to profit from, then you might want to consider one of the following three ideas:

01 Invest in an existing web site or domain name

Check out sites like sedo.com and godaddy.com that are selling existing domains or internet businesses that are ready to generate a profit.

02 Invest in garage sale items

Take to the streets and pick up items from local garage sales that you know you can turn around and sell on e-bay for at least a 100% markup

03 Start a small business selling items door to door

Although it might seem a little outdated because of the internet, instead of seeing it as a limitation consider that you will have less competition going door to door these days.

The key is to be creative and see where you are most comfortable putting your $400 investment and in doing so you will come up with three more ideas of your own. Once you start making money and have a passive income you can start contemplating larger investments and begin working towards saving towards an amount that you can invest for a 30% return that you can be proud of.

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