Silver Bullion Investing

Today’s investing horizon can seem like a sea of roiling turmoil. Not too long ago, many of us were considering how we’d spend our early retirement. The boom times of the middle of the decade seemed prosperous for all. Recently however we’re more concerned with just staying above the dangerous waters that seem to be rising around us. In this kind of environment, many of us are considering the merits of investments like silver bullion.

As a commodity, silver bullion has some very appealing qualities for a period of uncertainty like this. For those of us concerned about inflation, commodities can provide a level of protection that cash cannot. If we’re worried about inflation devouring our net worth, a precious metal like silver can provide a safe place to retain our value. This safety is one of the key reasons precious metals are so popular right now.

Gold, for example, has seen a dramatic rise in price in the last few years. Pessimistic investors are just trying to retain their wealth and speculators are trying to cash in on this trend. As people flock to safe investments gold and silver have both seen a staggering growth in price. Silver’s rise however has not been quite as dramatic and has seen some serious turnarounds. While that may sound like a problem, that in fact represents an opportunity for those of us looking for an inflation hedge. Silver hasn’t been quite as trendy as gold, but has many of the same qualities.

A quality that many investors find appealing in precious metals is their scarcity. There is only a finite amount available on planet Earth. It’s possible that some dramatic shift in technology, like mining asteroids or materials fabrication, could change this but that seems like a distant threat. Assuming this never happens, gold and silver are resistant to the kind of value dilution that can happen to other assets. People can make more houses, but they can’t make more gold.

Like gold, silver offers you the ability to take possession of it in physical form. Stocks may be a good way to deal with inflation as well, but there is a certain comfort in being able to actually touch your investment. Having the silver in your possession also removes the risk associated with whatever financial institution is holding your investment. Silver is all about safety.

The wisdom of silver depends on many more factors than these, but is something anyone should at least give some thought to. Commodities may seem like a safe bet, but the number of investors who feel this way has led the markets to be quite volatile. While it might be a good form of inflation protection, if that inflation never materializes, it might simply be a bad bet. The best thing you can do is seek out as much information as possible to determine if investing in silver is the right move for you.

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