Home Insurance for a Lifetime’s Investment

For the majority of people interested in personal finance – and those who claim not to be – the biggest investment they will ever make is in their home. It’s one of the most talked about investments there is, and yet many don’t look at it that way: homebuying in the UK has often been considered separate from ‘normal’ investment.

It is most likely that this feeling persists because we can so tangibly see what the investment is worth – your mortgage is, quite literally, all around you from the second you walk in the door of your first home. What you see is what you get and the rewards are great – past inflations in value for the UK housing market have hit the headlines so often it seems that the market will never slow down.

And then it did. A Nationwide survey released recently reported that UK house prices “cooled sharply” in April this year, with a slender increase of just 0.1%. This is down from 1.1% in March and shows that fears of a general slowdown are looking more and more likely.

So, assuming you have taken advantage of one of the many mortgage options available online, where next? Well, it might seem less than adventurous, but I’d have to say insurance. Lets go back to that image of the homeowner surrounded by their investment. Yes, it is one of the more visible investments – and that’s precisely why you should take the time to insure your investment against the many dangers, both tangible and less so, with good, carefully chosen, home insurance.

Taking a look at the UK home insurance offerings from just one of the big-name home insurance providers reveals that, as with mortgages, there are a wealth of opportunities out there for the discerning consumer. Taking care with your selection process is always going to pay dividends though, and best practice is to check out the competition by visiting the solid, reliable providers, such as Barclays, as well as comparing the competition that is already out there with the home insurance packages you come across. Using an online insurance comparison site can speed up this process.

You can always find a package that will suit your particular needs and once your home insurance is in place you can rest a little easier as you sit inside your investment, looking out.


All information contained in this article is for general information purpose only and should not be construed as advice under the financial Services act 1986. You are strongly advised to take appropriate professional and legal advice before entering into any binding contracts.

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