Personal Checks – Finding Routing Numbers

Many people are curious about personal checks and want to know how to find their routing numbers and checking account numbers. Learn how to find these numbers and how to order checks online.

Today, personal checks have become less popular because of the use of the debit card and the use of online banking. However, people do still enjoy using personal checks to pay bills, to buy things when they are out shopping or for business use.

Check printing companies offer a wides selection of checks to choos from. There are literally thousands of designs that can adorn a check. Many people find that they can express their individuality through the check designs that they choose. You’ll get a lot of compliments when you use designer checks.

You should learn to identify critical information on your personal checks. Many people don’t realize what the numbers on the checks mean. A common question asked is “Where is the routing number?” or “Where is the routing number?”

There are three sets of numbers that are important for you to at least know how to identify. The routing number is located in the lower left hand corner of your checks.

You might want to know what a routing number is. It is a nine digit number. The first four digits of that number identify the U.S. Federal Reserve’s check processing center. The next four numbers represent the specific bank that processes the checks. The last number is a verification check digit computed using a special formula that is used on the previous 8 numbers.

The next set of numbers in the lower left side of the check is your bank account number. That remains the same on all of your personal checks. You will then see a third set of numbers and generally that will tell you the number of the check you are using.

Now you can recognize where the routing number is on your personal checks. That number can help y0u make online payments as well as set up some online banking systems.

With personal checks you can choose to print your name, address and phone number. Some check printing companies will allow you to upload your own photo to be printed on your checks. So you can have pictures of your pet dogs, your kids, your artwork or whatever you like. Marketing experts will agree that when you put your special brand or logo on your checks, you further your marketing efforts. Even if it’s just a way to help someone remember who you are, the extra attention to detail helps you.

Although people are using debit cards more now than checks, people still do use personal checks. You’ll find hundreds of styles and designs available to you. If you are constantly using debit cards, be sure to look at the debit card registers and holders. They will help you keep track of your spending. Personal checks online are very cheap.

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